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Barbados - Playground and home for the world’s most influential and elite

Barbados - Playground and home for the world’s most influential and elite
APR 25, 2016 @ 03:17

Barbados as a holiday choice is perfectly suited to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Many of this elite crowd have bought vacation homes here and come whenever their schedules allow.  This phenomenon is not new.   In her heyday, Hollywood legend, the Claudette Colbert, owned a home here and since then, others have followed for exclusive escapes.  Of course, Barbados will always be home to our megastar Rihanna, who visits often to soak up as much of the sun and island life as she can. She brings friends to enjoy her homeland, and they too become converts.  Here’s why:

Peace and privacy:

Vacationing in Barbados means you can go as you please, no paparazzi and over enthusiastic fans to interrupt the experience. This is not to say that Barbadians will not stop to give you a second look, but you can be sure that you won’t be mobbed or pestered.

La dolce vita: 

Many of the world’s elite come for an extra helping of the sweet life - to enjoy the fine-dining restaurants located throughout the island and the plush, exclusive hotels and resorts, which punctuate the platinum coast of St. James. These high-end accommodations boast exquisite amenities and staff to cater to one’s every whim.  Whether it’s a self-contained villa or a lavish resort, they are all equipped with swimming pools, spas and the other trappings that define the sweet life!

Beaches, playtime and self-indulgence: 

It’s always playtime in Barbados - golf at Apes Hill or Royal Westmoreland, polo at any one of the five grounds on the island, relaxation on our white sand beaches, the adrenaline rush from extreme water sports, sailing, pampering at the day spas or shopping top international brands in the sophisticated elegance of Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown Barbados...  This is only the beginning - there’s no end to recess in Barbados! 

The Bajan people :

When visitors come to Barbados, they are treated like family, with true Bajan hospitality, making Barbados the ideal home away from home. 

Spectacular scenery and natural beauty :

Even before you touch down, you know you’re in for something special, especially if you enter the island at night, when sparkling lights resemble a carpet of jewels spread over 166 square miles. In the daytime, these jewels give way to lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes and seascapes well beyond the imagination!  Many of our attractions are natural treasures. Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully and the Animal Flower Cave are only a few of the sights, which captivate and inspire locals and visitors to Barbados.