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The number one sport of Barbados; Cricket!

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With its year-round temperate climate and abundant tropical vistas, Barbados plays the consummate host to many sports enthusiasts.

With its year-round temperate climate and abundant tropical vistas, Barbados plays the consummate host to many sports enthusiasts.

Well known throughout the Caribbean for sports tourism, Barbadians are avid sportsmen and women, who demonstrate a passion for a wide variety of activities, including horseracing, polo, water sports, road tennis, golf, track and field, and most especially cricket.

This proud history and love of sport has led to the creation of a number of world-class facilities throughout the island, and has encouraged many overseas competitors from Europe, America and other Caribbean nations to come to Barbados for international tournaments or to test their skills with a good match against our local teams.

The number one sport of Barbados, organized cricket in Barbados began in 1892

Barbados’ cricketing history is a glorious one. Many Barbadians have contributed greatly to international and local cricket and the sport is played all year round on the Island. The island boasts many cricket grounds but the most famous would be Kensington Oval which is located in Bridgetown. The first cricket organisation established in Barbados was the Barbados Cricket Challenge Cup Committee in 1892 which later brought about the Barbados Cricket Association in 1933.

To say that cricket in Barbados is a passion would be an understatement. Bajans eat, drink and sleep cricket. And if we’re not playing it, chances are good that we are watching it or talking about it with a keen insight and fervor that would rival even the finest commentators of the game. 

A nod to our British heritage, cricket is our national sport. At any time in season, you’re likely to find an elite international test match being played out at Kensington Oval. Or any time of the year, an exciting local club match or a friendly competition played on open fields or along our beaches can be found. 

Aside from just a love of the sport, many Barbadian players have become internationally known for their talents on the pitch. With a large contingent of players from Barbados being an integral part of the West Indies team over the years. 

Regarded as the greatest all-rounder to ever play the game, Sir Garfield Sobers dominated the sport during his first-class career, even becoming the first batsman to ever score six sixes in a single over -- an accomplishment that only one other batsman has since matched. In 1975 Queen Elizabeth II knighted Garfield Sobers in recognition of his services to cricket. And for his great accomplishments to his country, Sir Garry has been named as one of only 10 Barbados National Heroes.

The Cricket Museum  

Take a stroll down memory lane and marvel at the cricket wonders and treasures in the Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum at Herbert House, Fontabelle. This museum is the first heritage centre solely dedicated to cricket in Barbados. Packed with memorabilia dating back to the early 1900s, the Museum fills the senses with nostalgia for those glory days when the West Indies stood on top of the cricketing world. The Museum provides a wonderful and enriched world for both children and adults. 

As you walk through, you will get a sense of the sheer brilliance of some of Barbados’ masters of the game of cricket. You will see the ball bowled by Wes Hall in the first-ever hat-trick by a West Indian, a bat autographed by the first West Indies team to tour England after the Region gained test status in 1928 and a blazer worn by England player, Trevor Bailey, in the West indies tour of 1953/1954. Whether you are a cricket enthusiast or just interested in Barbadian heritage, you will be bowled over by the wealth of information superbly laid out in the intimate setting of the Cricket Museum. 

Museum Tours run every 30 minutes on Monday-Friday: 10AM-4PM