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Radical Driving Experience at Bushy Park

Category Festivals
Dates 7th January, 2017
Timing FROM 08:00 AM To 05:00 PM
Location St. Philip
Price Range $120-$720 USD
A true supercar. The Suzuki-powered Radical SR3 RS is hand built in the UK by Radical Sports cars and with over 900 satisfied customers, it is the world’s most successful sports-racer. The SR3 RS is a thoroughbred, sure-footed, highly-developed racer, adept and rapid in the hands of both the novice track day driver, and seasoned racing professional. With 220 horsepower, the 1340cc four-cylinder engine in the Radical SR3 RS revs to a blistering 10,500rpm and drives through a six-speed sequential paddle-shift gearbox, delivering seamless power to the track through slick tyres. With stats like 0-100kph (0-62mph) in three seconds and 2.5G through corners and under braking, it’s faster than a Porsche GT3 around Bushy Park Barbados. Our Radicals are fitted with two sets of pedals so the instructor can step in if necessary – we cater for everyone from complete novices to seasoned racers.