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The Changing of the Sentry

The Changing of the Sentry
Category Cultural
Dates 27th January, 2017
Timing FROM 11:30 AM To 01:30 PM
Location St. Michael
Price Range Free
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This is an authentic staging of an activity which takes place in front of the 1804 Main Guard (Clock Tower), still known today as ‘The Main Guard’. This procedure would have been performed numerous times a day across the entire site where the Main Guard administered five other guard rooms and eight sentry posts. The men taking part in this ‘re-enactment’ are all retired military personnel and members of the Barbados legion who also have their headquarters here at the Main Guard. The routine and training is administered by the Barbados Defence Force which also provides the weaponry. The colourful ‘Zouave’ uniform worn in this exercise was originally sanctioned for the famous West India Regiments by Queen Victoria in 1858, after she had admired it on the ‘Zouave Algerian tribe’ which had been incorporated into the French Army at the time. The uniform was retained by the Band of the Barbados Volunteer Force (now the Barbados Defence Force Band) when the West India Regiments were disbanded after 132 years of service, in 1927. The only other Commonwealth military unit to wear this uniform is the Jamaica Military Band; which is directly descended from the last of the former West India Regiments