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The Barbados 50th Anniversary of Independence 

The year 2016 signals a significant landmark in the history of Barbados, with November 30, 2016 representing 50 years of Independence for this small aspiring nation.

The year of celebration officially started on January 6, 2016 with the Launch “Barbados We Come From” at Independence Square and will culminate on November 30th, 2016, with activities being held in Barbados and across the global diaspora. The celebrations are expected not only to be entertaining, but also multi-dimensional and educational, with special emphasis on our youth audience.

50 Years of Excellence 

The Spirit of Independence

This summer Barbados invites travelers to live like a local and experience the island's lively Crop Over Festival, celebrating a 200 year-old tradition that honors the end of the sugar cane season. The six-week festival celebrates all that is Bajan with dusk till dawn parties, arts and crafts markets and a culinary-driven street fares.

The Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat (CICS) was established in August 1995 within the office of the Prime Minister to formulate “a community approach to independence”.

This new approach was intended to deepen and broaden people-participation in our independence celebrations. The programme of community activities is geared towards generating and reinforcing self-help and parochial resourcefulness and stimulating greater pride in the community and nation.

In a break with tradition, the entire month of November and not just Independence Day, November 30, is now designated for celebrating the Spirit of Independence through community activities organised by community-based organisations and the Parish Independence Committees (PICs).

Parish Independence Committees

The Parish Independence Committees, comprising of a 10-member body of volunteers, are the driving force of the celebratory activities, thereby ensuring community and grass roots participation, unlocking the vast, untapped resources of organisational, cultural, and artistic talents and skills that were once dormant in our communities.

The Parish Independence Committees work with a male and female Parish Ambassador along with their Attendant to achieve the objectives as set out by the Secretariat. 
Each parish is assigned a parish colour and month as follows:

  • St. George - January - Red
  • St. Thomas - February - Cardinal
  • St. Peter - March - Lime Green
  • Christ Church - April - Orange
  • St. James - May - Electric Blue
  • St. John - June - Gold
  • St. Lucy - July - Jade
  • St. Michael - August - White
  • St. Andrew - September - Forest Green
  • St. Joseph - October - Teal
  • St. Philip - December - Purple
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