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With an average daily high temperature of 78F/26C, an average daily rainfall of less than 1/4 inch and 3000 hours of annual sunshine, it's hard to imagine a place that enjoys weather any more perfect than in Barbados.
Experience the Perfect Weather In Barbados

Our lovely tropical island enjoys perfect weather. On average each year, the daily high temperature is 30oC / 86oF with some 3,000 hours of sunshine, and it gets cooler (but never really cold) at night. The Barbados climate includes pleasant and revitalising north-east tradewinds almost every day, and Barbados ocean temperatures are deliciously warm (26-29oC / 79-84oF) all year round. 

So this means that the best time to visit Barbados is any time of year. We have two main seasons - the dry season (during the northern hemisphere winter and spring) when the temperatures are a bit cooler and we experience less rain, and the wet season (during the northern hemisphere summer and autumn) when days are likely to be warmer and we expect higher rainfall.

Barbados weather can change several times in a day. Average rainfall is less than 6 mm (1/4 inch) per day, and the occasional shower of rain can be very welcome - it's likely to freshen up your day without spoiling your plans.