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The Barbados Cruise Vacation

So you’ve just arrived on a fabulous cruise liner and you’ve only got a few fabulous hours to spend with us on our extraordinary island? Great! Let’s make some memories!

With just 166 square miles, Barbados is packed with more attractions than any other island in the Caribbean! No matter which corner of the island you go, you are destined to find a rich combination of culture, heritage, adventure, sport, food, shopping, activities and hallmark attractions you can access within minutes.

Make your cruise vacation experience even more magical by choosing to spend a few days in Barbados before or after your cruise! It’s really easy to do since Barbados is a home porting hub of the southern Caribbean to many of your favourite cruise ships. Stay close to port in a well-known brand name hotel like the Hilton, Radisson or Marriott Courtyard or getaway from it all and relax in a luxurious villa, exquisite resort, chic boutique hotel or a charming guest house - whatever suits your budget! Most of our hotels are located on or very close to the beach so you can experience all that the varied coasts have to offer. 

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