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Child Care provider - just one of the many things we do for you to make your stay unforgettable

Child Care

Your dream holiday destination where the best child care service providers are a dime a dozen!

One of the great things about choosing Barbados as a family holiday destination is that there's ALWAYS someone, somewhere who will gladly, readily babysit for you while you enjoy a quiet dinner or if you simply need a break from parenting. We have no shortage of trained, nanny enthusiasts available to you whether in a hotel, apartment, cottage or villa.

Want a younger, energetic lass who won't think twice about getting her hands dirty playing with your small ones? You can have that. Prefer someone a bit older, more traditional and motherly? She's available too. Want her to overnight while you sleep in? You can have her. The world is your oyster when you visit our shores. Just tell your hotel staff your wish and it shall be granted, because in Barbados, we make sure to take care of you.