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To travel and explore the world is a wonderful thing, with thousands journeying every year to the idyllic islands of the Caribbean. However, with the advent of mass travel, both the environment and the natural beauty of the destination itself can sometimes suffer at the hands of increased carbon emissions and foot traffic through delicate ecosystems. That is why, more than ever, it is important for travellers to practice sustainable tourism, to ensure that the only impact remaining from your visit is a positive one.
Every time you visit a new country, you are a guest in the home of those who live there—we want to ensure the beauty of this island remains intact for future generations of locals and tourists alike to experience. You can help us by opting for more eco-friendly practices during your stay, such as buying local produce and eating locally sourced foods, using public transport wherever possible and keeping our beaches clean! Barbados also offers many opportunities for those visitors who want to practice sustainable tourism in a more meaningful way, including coral reef rehabilitation and other marine conservation volunteer activities!

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