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You’ll never be short of entertainment and fun when you visit Barbados. Step out under the stars and you’ll find an exciting and unique slice of nightlife around every single corner. From Barbados calypso music at a music festival to jumping bars, tempting rum shops and a piano bar hosted by a world famous Broadway star, you’re sure to be able to find something that fits with your idea of fun. No matter what your idea of a good night out is, it’s waiting for you in Barbados – from romantic cruises and dinner shows to night submarine dives and special activities for children, there’s always something happening. If you want a unique taste of Caribbean entertainment, then take in some limbo and fire eating as part of a floor show you’ll remember forever.
As well as fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and the stunning shoreline, Barbados is famed for its music with live performers keen to entertain every visitor in venues scattered across the island. Dance along to folk and popular music or sample the more sedate pleasures of performances with a Western classical or religious influence. In Barbados, the music of Britain and Africa comes together, creating the diversity of Barbadian folk, Caribbean jazz and opera, reggae, tuk music, calypso, spouge and soca.

Amongst the stars you’ll find performing in Barbados will be those famous the whole world over as well as performers who’ve conquered the Caribbean. If you want award winning quality then you’re in the right place and Barbados music festivals attract an international roster of artistes, offering a taste of every type and genre of music. If you’re dreaming of a trip to Barbados, then rest assured the sweet sound of music will be a huge part of it.

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