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  • Rum Shops
Gaze upon the rums of Caribbean in the finest Barbados rum shops

Rum Shops

Savour the authentic taste of the Caribbean in the authentic Barbados rum shops
If you’re a connoisseur of food and drink or simply someone who loves Caribbean rum, then you simply have to pay a visit to Barbados rum shops. Each shop is packed with the rums of the Caribbean from mini bottles to pint and a half flask. Enjoy the drink, chat with the locals and savour the chance to live life at a Caribbean pace. Some of the most famous rum shops on the island include London Bar, Hercules, Lexies and Braddies, and they not only serve up delicious drink, but also hold karaoke sessions. Mix with the locals and blend rum with reggae for an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

The locals regard the rum shops as a place to gather and exchange gossip, so when you pay a visit you’ll be mixing with Bajans ranging from the farmer to the business tycoon. Eavesdrop as you sip your rum and you’ll hear discussions on everything from the latest sports results to the next big business deal. The Bajan Association of Rum Shops (BARS) is the body which dedicates itself to preserving the culture of these shops and the place the rum shop holds in Caribbean culture. Some of the shops serve food to go with the delicious drink – traditional snacks as well as useful household items. Perhaps the most famous activity taking pace in the rum shops, and the one which truly captures the unique essence of Barbados, is dominoes, and the incredibly boisterous and noisy games which take place. Watch the locals play and you won’t be able to resist joining in, especially if you can play while you fire a few delicious rums.

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