• Medical Services
We are home to the highest standard of medical care in the Eastern Caribbean

Medical Services

Emergency Service plan - always good to be prepared When planning a vacation you don't want your thoughts to even linger on the term medical emergency, but it's always better to be safe than sorry and be aware of what to do, where to go, should the need arise.

We are home to the highest standard of health care in the Eastern Caribbean and boast quite a number of government and privately-run medical facilities throughout the island, which are supported by highly qualified professionals.

Doctors' offices and pharmacies are littered throughout most communities and the main hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a mere taxi drive away.

Acquaint yourself with Barbados' emergency services numbers listed below, but please click here for other medical services:

  • POLICE - 211
  • AMBULANCE - 511
  • FIRE - 311
  • OPERATOR - 0
For the latest updates surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please click here