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    The “culinary capital of the Caribbean" and a foodie's paradise. Discover authentic flavours!

Culinary Stories

The “culinary capital of the Caribbean,” Barbados is especially appealing to a vast array of foodies, who have learned that eating, dining and phenomenal feasting alone is sufficient reason to visit Barbados!

A tantalizing blend of the old and new, Bajan cuisine brings together the influences of African, Caribbean, West Indian and European delights to create a unique and authentic culinary experience.

It's no surprise, fish is a mainstay of the Bajan diet, with the surrounding waters providing an abundance of saltwater delicacies including tuna, shark, salmon, cod, red snapper, kingfish, and dolphin fish as well as shrimp, lobster, crabs and sea urchins. But moreover, flying fish, a national symbol of Barbados, is the species that most graces the plates of diners throughout the island.

Aside from seafood, a variety of meats such as chicken, beef, pork, turkey and duck fulfill the recipes of many Bajan dishes, and are served fried, grilled, baked, roasted and pickled. Traditional favourites such as cou-cou, rice and peas, pelau and macaroni pie complement most meals along with an assortment of fruits and vegetables such as breadfruits, papaya, cassava, mangoes and pawpaws.

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