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Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Barbadian cuisine is renowned for its diversity, variety and freshness. Find out for yourself when you indulge into the traditional spiced treats of Barbados

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Caribbean is just about the sun, sea and sand. One of the most enticing draws of the island of Barbados is the delicious and varied offering of the Barbados cuisine. The rich heritage and history of the island and its people is there in every mouthful of the fresh and diverse food and drink you’ll find there. Every one of the local delicacies will fill your mouth with the most enticing taste sensations, as the local herbs and spices enhance the freshest possible ingredients to create the stunning local eats. Amongst the famous dishes you’ll find in the best local restaurants are those built around local produce such as fishes of every size, shrimps, lobsters, crabs and sea eggs. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, then look no further than the traditional Bajan treat of coconut bread.

Barbados is often known as ‘The Land of the Flying Fish’, so it seems apt that its national dish is flying fish with coucou. Versatile as well as delicious, this wonderful fish can be fried, steamed or pickled and it comes out tasting truly delicious every time. Looking for more quintessential Caribbean and Barbados treats? Try hot pepper sauce or a dish of pickled pork with spiced sweet potatoes which is known as Pudding and Souse. If you want to eat like a local then ask for the staple food of ‘Bakes’, which is also known as survival food. This is made up of just three ingredients – sugar, water and flour, and other staple ingredients of the local cuisine include rice, vegetables, chicken and fish.

If you love food and drink, then a trip to Barbados simply has to make it onto your ‘to do’ list. Not only do you get to enjoy delicious treats of the widest variety, you get to do it surrounded by the most beautiful island in the world.


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