30 Incredible Things Barbados Is Known For

30 Incredible Things Barbados Is Known For

We are immensely proud of our way of life which comes from our African/British heritage.  We celebrate this heritage every day in the way we think, speak and embrace life.  It is also celebrated in the bold flavours of our cuisine, the myriad colours which comprise the fabric of our communities and in the vibrancy of our culture, much of which is marinated in folklore and served with music of a unique Afro-Caribbean blend.


1. Harrison's Cave

At the center of the island, this wonder of a water Cave is abound with the beauty of stalactites, stalagmites, small streams and waterways.

2. The Animal Flower Cave

This amazing Cave and mini saltwater lake is located under a cliff, on the north of the island, The mouth of the cave opens to a majestic vista of the Atlantic ocean. 

3. The Coral Land Formation

Barbados is home to the purest form of underground water, pouring through the coral limestone.

4. White Sandy Beaches

With the attrition of the coral limestone land called Barbados, which was pushed out of the ocean thousands of years ago, the beautiful white sandy beaches are created.

5. Health Resort

The direct Atlantic breeze offers an excellent climate atmosphere and healthy environment.  E.g. George Washington (then became USA President) visited Barbados and his brother to recuperate.

6. Breathtaking Natural Scenery

Although Barbados is considered a flat country, The eastern side of the country forms breathtaking scenery of the land and the Atlantic ocean.


7. Bridgetown And Its Garrison – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The historic international commerce, culture and built heritage which served its people and countries of the world, has accorded Barbados’ Bridgetown and its Garrison the designated inscription (UNESCO Heritage Site).

8. Barbados Has The World’s Third-oldest Parliament

Barbados is home to the 3rd oldest legislature in this hemisphere.  The building is still in its original use and therefore is part of UNESCO World Heritage site in Barbados.

9. Chattel Houses

Unique houses were built so that it was possible to move the structure from one spot and placed in another, with the sides, floor and roof almost intact.

10. The Beautiful Natural And Built Heritage Of The Land

Barbados has been able to preserve much of its natural beauty and complements this beauty with the buildings for residential or commercial purposes.


11. Rihanna Of Music And Fashion Fame, Is From Barbados

This global icon is a 9 time Grammy award winner, actress, fashion designer, philanthropist and was appointed a Barbados national hero in 2021.

12. Sir Garfield Sobers Of Cricketing Prowess Is From Barbados

The greatest all-round cricketer the world has ever known. A statue of The Right Excellent Sir Garfield Sobers stands guard outside the gates of Kensington Oval, the famous cricketing ground in Barbados. The story of the global icon has been a source of inspiration for many.

13. Zane Maloney – A Global Champion F3 Driver

Breaking long-standing records while securing a slew of motorsport champion titles at just 18 years old has made Barbadian driver, Zane Maloney, a household name. 

14. The Proud People

The Barbadian is known to acknowledge his/her background and country while expressing gratitude in most spheres of life.

15. The Literacy And The Knowledgeable People

Throughout history, Barbados has exported the top brains to assist with the development of countries.  Also, having an early education in Barbados was touted as the backbone for further successes of persons who held high offices, locally, regionally and internationally.  E.g. Shirley Chisolm – US Congress woman and Presidential hopeful.

16. The Culture Of The People

Granted that the main culture is deeply rooted in West African culture, the Barbadian ethos stands out as uniquely Bajan.

17. Great Hospitality

Barbados has a reputation for great hospitality!


18. Crop Over Festival

The sweetest summer festival for the traditional ending of the sugar cane harvest season.

19. Cou Cou And Flying Fish

The traditional national dish of Barbados.  The main ingredients of Cou cou are: corn meal, okras and the flying fish.

20. Road Tennis

A national sport which originated in Barbados around 1910, was first played on a court in the road.  It is now played on courts marked in car parks or other paved surfaces.


21. The Birthplace Of Rum

Barbados is considered the birthplace of rum.  The slaves discovered that the molasses when preserved for a long time, fermented and could be used as a spirit and so called it “Kill Devil”.

22. Green Monkey

The brownish-grey feisty monkey, originated from West Africa, about 350 years ago.

23. The Black-belly Sheep

Photographer: Franz Phillips (decd. 2018) 

Very high in meat protein and is indigenous to Barbados.

24. Kensington Oval – The Cricket ‘Mecca’ Of The Caribbean

The renowned Kensington Oval is one of the favourite cricketing grounds in the cricketing world. Barbados is home to many cricket legends of the world. 

25. Training In Tourism

Barbados prides itself in training persons as qualified professionals for all aspects of the tourism sector.

26. Tuk Bands And Festive Characters

Tuk Bands perform during celebrations and island festivals such as Crop Over, the Holetown Festival, at Christmas and on New Year’s Day. A Tuk Band is usually accompanied by Mother Sally, the Shaggy Bear, the Donkey Man and the Stiltman - costumed characters which are African in origin and which emerged from slavery and our colonial past. 

27. Oistins Bay Gardens

Oistins - the smallest town in Barbados, is located on the southernmost tip of the island. This little Barbados town is full of character and offers some of the best local food on the island. 

28. The Nidhe Israel Synagogue And Museum

The oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere and the adjacent Nidhe Israel Museum, which documents the fascinating story of the Barbados Jewish community while paying homage to its role in Barbadian heritage and society. 

29. Bathsheba

The unrestrained surfs at Bathsheba are home to the famous Soup Bowl. Coconut trees line the bay that attracts many surfers as they ride the tumultuous waves fearlessly. If you are a great swimmer or surfer, you may want to check this beach out. 

30. Marine Parks & Shipwrecks

Carlisle Bay's marine park is home to six shallow wrecks. From the most shallow wreck to the deepest: 
Barge, Cornwallis, Berwyn, Bajan Queen, C-Trek, and Eilon. These shipwrecks are home to tropical fish, groupers, sea horses, and frogfish. Folkestone Marine Park features an artificial reef, purposefully formed by the sinking of the ship Stavronikita which had been destroyed by fire in 1976.  

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