Why We Gatherin’

The year 2020 has been designated as the year for Barbadians and those who love Barbados to come home to reconnect with family and friends and to invest in the rebuilding and development of Barbados.

What is We Gatherin’

We Gatherin’ is a homecoming; symbolising a recommitment to the core Barbadian values that define who we are as a people.

When is We Gatherin’

We Gatherin’ will commence in the north of the island in January 2020 moving southward every month with each parish being designated its own month to showcase the icons, social life and food for which it is renowned.

The parish celebrations will culminate in St. Michael in the month of November and We Gatherin’ will reach a climax in December 2020 when there will be an elaborate Christmas extravaganza for Barbadians at home, Barbadians abroad and Barbadians at heart to come together for a traditional “old time Bajan Christmas”.

What’s Happening in We Gatherin’

Fellowship: A series of faith based services and events will take place in each parish.

Food: The best of bajan cuisine will be showcased during 2020. Home cooks and master chefs will prepare authentic bajan dishes using locally sourced produce. Rum shop limes, food festivals and the fruit, vegetable and protein in of each parish will be promoted. The best bajan brands will promoted during 2020.

Community Events: Across Barbados, communities will be hosting family reunions, inter-parish sporting events, major concerts, entertainment and cultural events.

Genealogy: Bajans will have an opportunity to trace their roots and heritage at our genealogy market place.

Major Events: A series of major national events (festivals, sporting and entertainment) will be held across Barbados featuring talented Barbadian cultural and creative practitioners.

Bajan Philanthropy: We Gatherin’s national philanthropic drive focuses on our health care system, entitled “The Barbados Hospitals.” The drive provides an opportunity for Barbadians at home and in the diaspora to make financial contributions through an online platform. Contributions will be aligned with specific needs at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the psychiatric, geriatric and poly clinics across Barbados.

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