Shopping Barbados’ Malls

Shopping Barbados’ Malls

Barbados is a shopaholic’s dream, set in an island paradise. No matter what you are looking for, from luxury apparel to simple souvenirs, it can be found in the bountiful shopping centres, malls, boutiques, duty-free stores, and souvenir shops throughout the island. A large part of the Barbadian artisan population also sells their local arts and crafts at market stalls and traditional chattel house villages, which always make for great vacation memorabilia.

Whether you choose to visit a small shop or an expansive luxury mall, you’ll be in the delightful company of local families who, too, are spoilt for choice with the wide array of shopping options. Many malls are strategically located in the heart of commercial districts - scan this list to see the main Barbadian shopping centres you could go to next!


Sheraton Mall

As the first large mall to be established in Barbados, Sheraton Mall delivers the benchmark shopping experience for other mall complexes on the island. With an impressive offering of over 120 stores and services, it is the largest mall in Barbados with a corresponding variety of retail options from standard clothing stores to furniture and home accessories, to stationery and art supplies. The largest cellular service providers have locations here, as well as a spa, salon, and doctor’s service for all of your wellness needs. Additionally, the dream of one-stop, duty-free shopping becomes a reality at Sheraton Mall. The mall features two indoor floors, along with a two-story parking facility, and is outfitted with stairs, elevators, and escalators for maximum accessibility.  Its top tier facilities include wheelchairs available for use and wheelchair accessible parking, a shuttle service, and even a lost and found. Not to be overlooked is the mall’s food court dining experience, with cafe and coffee house outlets, pizzerias, and delis all available to you. Sheraton Mall also brings shopping and entertainment together as it boasts of the only multiplex six-screen cinema on the island. 

Sky Mall

Formerly Mall Internationale, Sky Mall is one of the most well-known shopping complexes in Barbados, with a sole location in central Haggatt Hall, St. Michael. Its name change was due to the new owners’ commitment to generating as much power as possible from the Mall’s roof, and it has been powered primarily by solar-generated electricity for almost a decade. Many diverse retailers have all come together under this progressive, solar-powered roof to create shopping experiences of the utmost convenience at Sky Mall. 

Since its renovation in 2012, it has grown into a one-stop shopping centre, outfitted with the best proprietors for personal shopping. Every errand from clothing and electronics shopping, to furniture browsing, and even weekly grocery shopping can get checked off your list at Sky Mall. Banking is made available on-site, and there is also a gym and a doctor’s office to make it easy for you to care for your health and physical well-being. Sky Mall would not be complete without its food court where fast-food chain Burger King houses one of its five Barbados branches, and the Aeon Bar and Cocktail Lounge invites you for a leisurely drink. 

The Dome Mall

The Dome Mall is one of the more recent malls to be open in Barbados offering 31 stores and counting. It has a convenient location in the heart of Warrens, St.Michael, which is Barbados’ fastest developing commercial area, with conveniently placed restaurants, banking, and grocer options all around. Dome Mall houses several trendsetting clothing boutiques and shoe stores; however, there are many functional businesses that operate including a stationery store, video game and electronic stores on site. The Dome Mall also features printing and imaging services, alongside a laundromat and an optician, as well as an outlet for Barbados’ largest service provider, Flow. It also has parking space to accommodate all of its patrons to this array of services.  Spanning across these 31 stores are 24 stores for a great shopping experience, along with seven restaurants, which include health-conscious eating options. 

Lanterns Mall

Lanterns Mall is an occupant of the South Coast hub of activity in Hastings. Designed as a response to the demand for an upscale retail environment along Barbados’ southern coastline, the ambience of Lanterns Mall is one that embodies the contemporary lifestyle. Like The Dome Mall, it is one of the newer shopping centres on the island, which helps to account for its open layout and modern infrastructure. Lanterns Mall at Hastings hosts a diversified range of 30 shops and restaurants, featuring an international food court. Lanterns Mall has the only shopping mall food court of its kind in Barbados, with significant emphasis placed on a dining experience that represents local, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asian, European cuisine, and more. To complete its culinary offerings is the model American healthy fast-food chain, Subway. 

Lanterns Mall has a range of merchandise to satisfy a vast clientele of both visitors and residents alike, who are spoilt for choice with everything from toiletries to pharmaceuticals. Young adults find Lanterns particularly attractive due to its trendy shopping options, offering high-quality clothing and beauty services. Others are drawn in by its attractive two-story floor plan, facilitated by escalators and a state-of-the-art glass elevator, which allows ease of accessibility and flow to all kinds of patrons. 

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre 

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is Barbados’ premier luxury shopping complex with an apt address in Holetown, nicknamed the Platinum Coast for the ‘air’ of luxury it emits. Each of the 85,000 square feet of this extravagant two-story mall reaffirms why it is a signature location for international brands. Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is home to the biggest names in retail, from footwear, apparel, and accessories to premium jewellery and watches. 

Limegrove’s treasure trove of duty-free designer stores including Burberry, Michael Kors, Cartier, HUGO BOSS, Ralph Lauren, and Longchamp. These worldwide brands (more than 100 of which are featured in the mall) helped the Lifestyle Centre to earn a distinction in London’s ‘Daily Telegraph’. Dubbed “the most stylish place to shop and dine in Barbados'', Limegrove makes a home for local luxury brands as well, which range from home and houseware to health and beauty, and even lingerie in the women’s apparel line-up. 

This high-end Lifestyle Centre is the only one on the island where luxurious shopping experiences intertwine with culinary indulgence. Limegrove’s famous Water Courtyard is akin to an expansive food court, where al fresco dining at some of Barbados’ top restaurants can be enjoyed next to the towering water feature. Designer store showrooms are within a clear view when dining in the Caribbean Courtyard. Gourmet restaurants and bars serve everything from traditional Caribbean dishes to Asian fusion and Italian cuisine to the tune of live music. Sustainability is a priority here, so on Limegrove’s rooftop, a “starter shed” has been created to grow herbs available for the Centre eateries to use for their extensive menus. 

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre also provides contemporary art and entertainment offerings, and an art gallery with regional and international features. To promote a family-friendly environment, the mall is outfitted with two high definition cinemas where the five-star experience continues as food is served to you directly at the push of a button. 

Within Bridgetown 

Bridgetown is the historic capital city of Barbados and is a part of the islands UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bridgetown is the main shopping mecca on the island. There, especially on Broad Street, several malls and independent shops and market vendors are established.

Norman Centre

The recently refurbished Norman Centre is a chief example of what Broad Street in the Capital City has to offer. With its accessible location, it offers a wide variety of retail experiences housing a Payless ShoeSource outlet for ladies, gents, and kid’s footwear, a Standard Distributors furniture store, as well as a Bryden’s Stationery outlet which sees an influx of patrons every Back to School season. Top-quality Bajan artwork is featured here as well, as Norman Centre now is outfitted with an in-house art gallery, thanks to the 2011 restoration project. This was the first time in the Centre’s then 33-year history that it had been closed; undoubtedly, it was for a good reason. The 3-year long renovation upgraded the aesthetic design and infrastructure of the old Norman Centre, taking it to new levels of modernisation and functionality. This commission brought us the escalator which sends the Norman Centre’s sleek, boutique-style environs to the top floor where the convenient upstairs food court is situated. 

The Colonnade Mall 

Formerly the Dacosta Mall, The Colonnade Mall is housed in a historically significant building, also along Broad Street in the heart of the capital city. Built by its founder David C. DaCosta in 1898, its stately infrastructure comprises local limestone walls. 

As with Norman Centre, 2011 was a year of change for the Mall as it was renamed The Colonnade Mall, however, no major refurbishments accompanied the name change ensuring it retained the beloved Old World atmosphere. It features more than 40 shops which all offer a high standard of merchandise from premium jewellery to designer handbags to children’s apparel. 

Jewellers especially are abundant at The Colonnade Mall with established retailers like Little Switzerland and independent proprietorships like Keisha’s Jewelry and the Radiant Jewelry Kiosk. The mix of shops and services here also extends to electronic and game stores like PLAY Barbados, phones, and accompanying accessories from The Phone Shop as well as the latest in men’s and women’s fashion. 

Makeup lovers will enjoy the Exotica Makeup branch in The Colonnade Mall. Gifts and souvenirs cannot be forgotten on any vacation shopping itinerary, and those can also be found here. Grab a bite at the food court in the mall’s north wing between browsing, for the best in local cuisine, fast food or pizza. This mall is a top pick for a one-stop shopping experience in the heart of Bridgetown.  

Mall 34

The iconic Mall 34 is located in central Broad Street, just like The Colonnade Mall, Cave Shepherd, and Norman Centre. It is made distinguishable, however, by its modern panelled glass windows and vertical “Mall 34” sign on the exterior, with the number 34 in bold red. One notable thing that the mall is known for is its duty-free shopping available at several of its stores. Its name is by no means an indication of the number of store selections it houses. 

With thousands of square footage in shopping options, this Broad Street Mall offers a wide variety of retailers for customer’s shopping convenience. To serve as a testament to the wide range of mall offerings, Futuretech is an electronic store situated within the mall. At the same time, The Cosmopolitan Institute stands as a local beauty and cosmetology school, which makes its home in the mall. Available also, are everything from souvenirs and gift items to designer shoes and jewellery. While much hustle and bustle can be found along the lively Broad Street, visit Mall 34 for a change of place where retailers prioritise quality merchandise, along with customer care. 

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