November 22nd - 24th 2019 - Sweetfield Manor Historic Hotel 


Barbados has a lush and natural environment that is the healing place for your mind, body, and soul to align while you explore how to integrate mindfulness into your life. For three days, you will be able to immerse yourself in deepening your mindfulness practice At Mindful Living Barbados, you will have an opportunity to learn and speak with experts and real people who will inspire you, engage you and invite you to live your truth. 

Mindful Living Barbados 2019 has been created to inspire and engage people to reconnect with their mind, body and soul while learning about how mindfulness can enrich their lives. This year in Barbados, it is the year of health and wellness. In Barbados, we understand that health and wellness is the key to living a long and joyful life. This year we would like to invite all people from around the world and in the local Caribbean countries to come and immerse themselves for 3 days in mindfulness, self-love and compassion in beautiful Barbados. The healing place.

Align your Mind, Body and Soul in the Serene Island of Barbados

What to expect?

What to expect? 3 Days of meditation, mindful movement, education and inspiration. Inspiring Speakers: At Mindful Living Barbados, we have invited speakers who have real-life experiences where mindfulness has changed the course of their life.

Soulful Dialogues: We want to invite you to build community through connecting with people compassionately and mindfully. Honouring the light in them and the light within yourself. Movement

Practices: Engaging the body to move in ways that align the mind, body and spirit will take place throughout the day for each day of Mindful Living Barbados. From yoga to tai chi.

Healing: Healing and rejuvenation through sound baths and moments for self-reflection and awareness. At Mindful Living Barbados, we intend to create a space where your mind, body, and soul are in alignment.

Come and be guided by our local and international experts 

Our Speakers & instructors

  • Profile Name Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold Counselor, Author, Mindfulness Teacher & Wellness Speaker
  • Profile Name Director X Film and Music Video Director (BET Director of the Year)
  • Profile Name Makeda McKenzie Caribbean Mindful Institute
  • Profile Name Dr. Ellen Choi Organization Social Psychologist & Mindfulness Researcher and Professor
  • Profile Name Stephanie Lemieux - Santosha Yoga Studio Yoga Teacher & Paddleboard Instructor
  • Profile Name Danielle Moore Yoga Instructor
  • Profile Name Jasmine Evelyn Yoga Studio - Yoga Teacher & Physiotherapist
  • Profile Name Jennifer Hui Yoga Teacher & Singing Bowl Musician
  • Profile Name Dr. Mary Choi Doctor of Naturopathic Health
  • Profile Name Alicia West Wellness Advocate & Host of 93.5 Toronto
  • Profile Name Tracey Fowler Radio Personality
  • Profile Name Monique Billings WNBA Player for the Atlanta Dream
  • Profile Name Lauren Ash Founder of Black Girl in Om

We define 8 Unique Pillars to Inner Peace & Balance 

our path to mindfulness 

Mindful Living Barbados Community These words are the foundation of the experience you will have while at Mindful Living Barbados.

Compassion - Exploring and creating space for self-compassion and compassion for each other.

Meditation - Exploring meditation and inviting presence and creating space for reflection, being and listening from within.

Education - Increasing awareness and consciousness about the healing properties of meditation, mindfulness and yoga through knowledge and practical experience.

Alignment - Living in alignment with your own unique journey. Creating space to discover your truth and take a step into your life with clarity.

Connection - Creating with people and community to live an enriched life.

Inspiration - Getting inspired to live your best life.

Purpose - Opening the door to living with purpose while getting inspired to follow your heart.

Peace - Discovering that peace lives within you and your breath is an invitation to return to it daily.