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Mindful Living Barbados - Day 1

Category Festivals
Address Sweetfield Manor Historic Hotel Brittons Ridge, Upper Garrison U NESCO Historic Area, Bridgetown
Dates 22nd November, 2019
Timing FROM 09:00 AM To 04:30 PM
Location St. Michael
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Theme: Community and Culture

On the first day focus on the research and how mindfulness can make a difference in communities, teams and organizations. Bring your teams as you experience how Mindfulness can impact productivity, stress management and relationships.


Dr. Ellen Choi
Mindfulness Researcher
Mindfulness in Teams
Lauren Ash
Founder of Black Girl in Om
Wellness for Women of Colour
Makeda McKenzie
Founder Caribbean Mindfulness Institute
Mindfulness in Leadership & the Workplace
Danielle Moore
Yoga Practice
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