Holders Plantation House

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Holders House
Holetown, St. James

Phone: 246-432-6385
Fax: 246-432-6461
Email: info@holders.net
Website: holders.net/house/


Holders Plantation House is a well-known estate in Barbados that dates back to the 17th century. Set amidst five acres of formal and park gardens, the house is a testament to the lasting beauty and architecture of the colonial days. With breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and a large portion of the western coast, it is synonymous with the good life. Yet there is more for the house overlooks a lavish pool as well as the neighboring Holders Polo ground which plays hosts to annual international tournaments. Of course what would beauty be if it couldn't be witnessed and that's why Holders House along with its unique setting plays host to the annual Holders Season, a festival for the arts which at times has included performances ranging from opera, theater, stand up comedy and even international musicians.