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Renting a car in Barbados offers the chance to explore the island at you own leisure. Numerous car hire companies abound, with each offering a wide range of vehicle choices, including rugged jeeps, luxurious sedans and the ever-popular mini mokes.  

As an added courtesy and convenience, many car rental companies will deliver your car to the airport or to your hotel, plus arrange to obtain a mandatory local driving permit.

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The driver of the rental car will be asked for a driver's license from home. All drivers must also carry a local permit that can be obtained from the rental agency or from any local Police Station for BDS$10 and is valid for 2 months. However, if your stay is longer than 2 months the cost will be BDS$100 and is valid one year from date of issue. Many companies require that the car be rented for a minimum number of days, so be sure to check. Moped rental is also a popular option on the island. Helmets are required by law and drivers will be expected to carry valid motorcycle licenses.


Insurance is highly recommended when renting a car. If you have a credit card that will insure your rental vehicle, make sure to check that the type of car you are renting is covered; all vehicles covered by insurance include unlimited liability for passengers and third party personal injury coverage. The local Collision Damage Waiver Insurance is offered by most rental agencies, is quite comprehensive and highly recommended. CDW gives you comprehensive insurance in the event of an accident but does not usually cover damage to rims and tires. Seat belts are compulsory and drivers incur a hefty fine if caught with passengers not using seat belts.


The rental company agent will show you the vehicle's features. Pay attention to this demonstration since most models are different in the Caribbean. Note the emergency hot line number of your company and check that they offer breakdown assistance.


If you have an accident, you must leave your vehicle in its position and call your car hire company and the police immediately-do not admit liability or agree to costs or compensation. For Police dial, 211 and ambulance, 511.


When renting a car to explore the island on your own, consider using the  BajanNav, a satellite navigational tool for GPS receivers that provides a digital map of Barbados. This tool gives users information on all the roads and includes points of interest such as accommodations, fueling stations, dining options and various sites of significance on the island. BajanNav is available through many leading car rental companies on-island,  click here to learn more.


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