Accra Beach

Christ Church
Christ Church
Distance From Airport:
10.5 Km (6.52 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
4.4 Km (2.73 Miles)

Sand, Sea and Shops? Yes Please! Accra beach is the place to go if your beach day plans include relaxing, shopping, dining or revelling in the beauty of Barbados. The beach itself is a beautiful stretch with natural appeal. Partially framed by a limestone cliff on the left, the expansive beachfront has more than enough space for the numbers who flock here on a daily basis. 

The outer waters are dotted with rugged limestone reefs, disconnected from the island by centuries of battering, and at low tide, snorkelers can wade out past the rocks to access bathing pools that are teeming with life. At high tide, the waves here are perfect for boogie boarding or bodyboarding and on rare occasions, surfers come out to ride the waves.

The colourful boogie boards are a sight to see from the shore. The easterly winds which whip the waves as it blows inland, they move the trees back and forth and cool the shady areas underneath, where ocean lovers unwind on rented beach chairs. 

Intermingling with the beachgoers, artisans weave between the chairs, selling coconut water, snowcones, charming sculptures, art and trinkets to those who will buy. However, Accra beach is also the home of many stationary vendors offering colourful beachwear, accessories, and refreshments from tiki-like huts located on the perimeter of the beach. Just beyond the beach, there is a play park if children need to be entertained outside of the tempting waters. 

Getting to Accra is quite easy, as several public service vehicles can be accessed to travel to this south coast hot spot. Conversely, there is also ample parking for those who choose to drive. Accra is a pedestrian-friendly area, with a number of stores and restaurants in short walking distance. This comes in handy around lunchtime, although it makes choosing from the myriad of meal options a tad difficult. A trip across the boardwalk takes you past a number of beachside cafes and bars where live music may just be playing.  Directly across the road is local favourite fast-food chain Chefette, and a few doors down is Quayside Centre which boasts a number of clothing stores and outdoor dining options. 

Accra beach is the place where a sand, sea and shopping fix can all be sated in one friendly, laid back atmosphere.

 - Basic beach facilities
 - Lifeguard on duty
 - Access to watersports

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