Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Bathsheba St. Joseph
St. Joseph
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The garden was once named after the Greek mythology princess who bears the same name and was created to serve both as a pleasure and a botanic garden for research purposes. 

Located between the parishes of St. Joseph and St. John, and a mere 300 yards away from the rugged and unspoilt Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast. The six-acre plot boasts over 500 distinct species of plants, with a plethora of flowers such as frangipani, bougainvillaea, and the giant Mexican sunflower, fruit trees such as breadfruit, Barbados cherry, and banana, shrubs, and even a succulent garden. With over 90 plant families, it is one of the most diverse gardens in the world that exists in the tropical climate.

At the entrance, you will be impressed by the greenery that surrounds the tiny wooden building. Upon entry, you will find a cosy seating area, surrounded by lovely paintings, unique craft, postcards, jewellery, snacks, and other memorabilia which are representative of Barbados and are available for sale.

Whether a guided or self-guided tour, at the beginning of the walk, you will be given a brochure which will help you identify the name of each species, as well as provide extensive information on the garden's history and its interesting facts.

Following the path and over the bridge, both sides of the garden are lined with trees of all heights, flowers of all colours and sizes and leaves of all shapes. Every crack and crevice is decorated with greenery, from succulents emerging out of rocks to the vining plants which envelop the handrails. The area is also filled with fauna, peaceful hummingbirds and blackbirds and playful green monkeys all makeup part of the garden.

You are more than welcomed to stay for as long as you like, whether you relax with the main pond, as you watch the koi fish swim aimlessly, or picnic on one of the many grassy areas, there are several opportunities to sit and soak in all that nature has to offer, to enjoy what Mrs Bannochie started. 

A noteworthy element of the garden is sustainability. Only organic pest controls and green fertilizers are used in the upkeep of the area, this is because being environmentally conscious is an important value to the managing company, Passiflora Ltd.

In the words of Mrs Bannochie, "True gardeners like anything that is different"! She left her legacy as a true gardener. Andromeda Botanic Gardens surely embody uniqueness and exclusivity, with its numerous species and variations. The garden is a quaint, charming location, to explore and discover all that is there to offer.

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