Archers Bay Beach

Archer's Bay , St. Lucy
St. Lucy
Distance From Airport:
32 Km (19.88 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
24.8 Km (15.41 Miles)

To the bottom of one of the jagged cliffs that make up the St. Lucy coastline is Archer’s Bay. This bay, just west of the absolute northern point of Barbados can only be directly reached by private vehicle or taxi car, although public transport gets pretty close. This bay is the ultimate romantic getaway in such a sequestered spot that you are unlikely to spot another person.

On the clifftop above this modest beach is a sensational view of the Atlantic Ocean on a collision course for the limestone monoliths close to shore. A picnic lunch on this grassy green spot, serenaded by the roaring waves is itself worth the drive along and the view is the subject of the most awe-inspiring photos you could ever take on a Barbados vacation. Curiosity often takes over at this spot and visitors ramble along the coastline to explore and capture all of the other vistas in view, until they are ready to explore the bay below.

Should you take the stairway down to the secluded bay you are faced with a panoramic view of the ocean. The world above the cliffs fades away on reaching the sand at the remote little beach where hermit crabs scatter to and fro away from barefooted humans. This space is all-natural – On the sand are seashells and many interesting looking rocks, some smooth from the sea’s battering.  The water is rough and rocky - not suitable for bathing with robust waves and a dangerous undertow. Some fishermen brave the waters and can be seen on the rocks hoping to spear a dolphin or shark. Low tide reveals an intimate beach - just enough to lay around and soak up the sun. 

This dreamy location proves that there is more than one way to enjoy the beach at this idyllic and romantic spot that is almost too difficult to leave.

 - No public washroom.
 - No lifeguard on duty.
 - Swimming not suggested.