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Relax in the bars and rum shops of Barbados and drink in the laid-back heritage of the Bajan people.

Bars and Rum Shops

If you love rum, then you simply have to sample the exotic elixir on offer in the best bars and rum shops in Barbados

The history of rum in Barbados dates back as far as 1703, when the first commercial rum was produced. In the years since it has become an integral part of the Bajan culture, and there are now more than 1500 bars and rum shops located all over this corner of the Caribbean. Take the time to explore and you’ll find out that bars and rum shops of Barbados come in all shapes, sizes and types. More than just a place to gather and party, they are also a magnet for the local people to gather and exchange gossip and the latest news. A Caribbean bar will often operate as a restaurant during the day before turning into a hot spot of lively celebration in the evening. A Barbados rum shop, on the other hand, provides the opportunity to enjoy both food and drink throughout the day, and these traditional establishments function as a social meeting spot for Bajans enjoying their leisure time.

The fame of the bars in Barbados is such that it’s not an exaggeration to say that if you want to visit the best bar in the world then you’re probably going to find it when you tour the bars and rum shops of Barbados. Although they play a key role in the local heritage, some of the most popular bars are actually themed, with Irish, Mexican, English and French style places attracting a lot of tourist attention. Some of the most famous bars include The Tiki bar, Crystal Waters Bar and Harbour Lights to name just a few, and the less renowned but equally welcoming beach bars you’ll find all over the island offer the perfect low-key alternative. Caribbean rum tastes delicious at any time, but is even more enjoyable when you sip it while relaxing as you watch the sun set over the sea. If you’re wondering how to spot a Barbados rum shop, then look for the buildings which have been decorated with advertising posters and images of cars. It’s not just about the rum, either, since these bars offer entertainment like live bands and karaoke nights. After a day in the sea or on the beach, few things could be more enjoyable than a night in a bar or rum shop.


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