Bath Beach

Bath, St. John
Opening Hours:
Open All Year From 10-0 To 15-0 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
St. John

Bath Beach is a rugged east coast beach in the parish of St. John. Unlike other beaches on the eastern coast, Bath has some of the calmest waters. The coral reefs meters away from the shore protect the waters from rough seas and makes it the ideal place for swimming. 

Bath is popular for picnics and the large Casuarina trees provide shade for picnic-goers to sit, eat and enjoy. Quiet and serenity mark this spot on weekdays but you expect to find crowds flocking to Bath Beach weekends and on holidays to enjoy the open spaces and the crisp ocean air. 

The offshore reefs which are visible from the beach, create an amazing underwater atmosphere which is great for diving and snorkelling. The female Hawksbill Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs along this coast in the sand. The hatching season is usually between July to October. If you’re lucky you can watch turtle hatchlings crawling out of the sand and guide them to the water using torches or flashlights. 

For the adventurers at heart, there are also water-sporting activities such as kayaking, swimming with the turtles, snorkelling, stand-up paddling and even more. Additionally, there are several hiking and hashing opportunities at Bath to visit the freshwater spring which cascades down into the Atlantic ocean.

Visit Bath Beach for another excellent day out. 


  •  - Beach facility.
  •  - Picnic area
  •  - Playground
  •  - Carpark
  •  - Lifeguard on duty.
  •  - Excellent for casual swimming.
  •  - Watersports

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