Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba, St. Joseph
St. Joseph
Distance From Airport:
15.6 Km (9.69 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
15.6 Km (9.69 Miles)

The drive to Bathsheba beach is just as breathtaking as the moment you step on to the yellow ochre sand. We suggest you capture the memory of this beach with as many photos as possible! This stretch of beach is a must! Due to its expansive views, boisterous, crashing waves and phenomenal sunrises. 

Those who come here, whether by bus or car sign themselves up for a time of quiet reflection, the “bustle” of the island life is left behind and an entirely new landscape like no other is revealed. As a matter of fact, Bathsheba is not just a place, but there is a particular lifestyle that a person familiar with the area conjures in their mind when they think of it. Some might call it adventurous, because this is a beach of action, always in motion. The waves here are driven by the Northeast Trade Winds which cause them to rage against the eastern shoreline, where boulders still stand up to these harsh waves. With the exception of some small tide pools which have been contoured from the flat rocks in the shallow waters, Bathsheba is not the best for the average swimmer, though the thrill-seekers still frequent this place. Every surfer and bodyboarder, local and international have sought to ride the waves here, especially at the famed Soup Bowl.

If it is a quiet spot to hide away from the hubbub of life, finish a good book or just relax is what is desired, then Bathsheba can be that too. Here, under dispersed coconut trees there is shade and contentment to be found and while great action takes place on the seas, the beachfront is calm, the only the sound the crashing of waves and the occasional car or bus in the background. Across the road, the beach is hugged by a tiny village. Restaurants in the area are few but serve signature seafood and other local dishes from the fresh catch of the day made in the village waters. You will also find a rum shop or two where men who’ve finished their day’s work play dominoes and enjoy the typical island life. While not as densely populated as other parts of the island, guest houses and boutique hotels are accessible for those who want in on the Bathsheba lifestyle or the surfing scene.   

If you want to be enveloped by tranquil ambience and gorgeous scenery then Bathsheba Beach should be one of your many beach stops. Its though off the beaten track but it is worth every effort to get there.

 - Beach facility.
 - Lifeguards are on duty.
 - Restaurants available.
 - Top surfing location. 
 - Not recommended for casual swimmers.