Batts Rock Beach

Batts Rock, Black Rock , St. Michael.
St. Michael

At the base of a winding road (which often goes unnoticed), nestled alongside a quiet cliff, the beautiful beach can be found. Not many beaches on the west coast of Barbados manage to hide away from the roving eyes of beach seekers, but Batts Rock has, making it a pleasant discovery. There is adequate parking under a thicket of trees, a beach facility for showering and changing, a picnic area complete with benches and a play park, if necessary, to keep the little ones occupied.

The seashore is a narrow strip, that does not quite share the same trademark, clear white sand and unobstructed waters as most of its west coast counterparts but that does diminish its charm. Spread out your towel on the shore and watch the catamarans sail by. This beach is terrific for a day of quiet relaxation, only interrupted by occasional, jets ski’s or party cruises that break the silence, as they pass by pumping tunes that can be heard from the shore. 

A stroll along the seaside will reveal several changes in the profile and typography of the beach. In some areas, flat rocks near the shoreline mean that sea-bathers have to go further out to sea to enjoy a swim, however, the rocks are home to small fish and are alluring when viewed through goggles. With so many rock formations to explore, many who come here find themselves spending much of the day with their heads underwater. Notably, there are also several rock-free sweet spots where clear, calm waters appeal to casual swimmers. 

Batts Rock is surprisingly developed for such a cloistered beach, and in addition to the beach amenities, La Cabane Beach Bar and Restaurant can also be found under the trees - an excellent option for an after swim snack. 

At the end of another fantastic day, leaving the beach is not an option until the sun has set beautifully on the horizon. The view of the sunset is most stunning from the beach path which goes uphill, providing an unobstructed view of the catamarans heading to port in the last specks of daylight.

Simplicity and peace await all who venture to Batts Rock you will surely leave refreshed and rejuvenated from the soothing waters.

 - Beach facility.
 - Snorkelling.
 - Excellent for casual swimmers.
 - Playpark.
 - Restaurant.