Caribbean Cigar Company

Building #3 1B and 2B Pelican Industrial Estate, Harbour Road, St. Michael
St. Michael
Distance From Airport:
14.3 Km (8.89 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
1.3 Km (0.81 Miles)

The Caribbean Cigar Company manufactures two lines of premium cigars — Royal Barbados and Sam Lord cigars. Both are available in five sizes and are presented in packages of five in handsome wooden boxes of 25 cigars.

No automation is used in production it's all old-fashioned dexterity, hand and eye judgement, experience and finesse, like blending wines or cooking a gourmet meal. This production method ensures superior taste and texture.

The Royal Barbados Cigar, with its sweet aroma and mild flavour, is highly rated by those who enjoy the cigar as among the best anywhere in the Caribbean.