Codrington College

St. John
Opening Hours:
Open All Year From 9-0 To 17-0 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
St. John
Distance From Airport:
11.3 Km (7.02 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
16.8 Km (10.44 Miles)
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For almost 100 years, from 1875 till 1955, Codrington College was affiliated with the University of Durham in England, enabling its students to qualify for degrees from that university. However, from 1965 till the present day, the College has since been affiliated with the regional University of the West Indies making it the theological college of the Anglican Church in the Province of the West Indies. 

Codrington strives to be the “centre of excellence in the delivery of theological education”; a mission statement that began with the founding father, Christopher Codrington III, who founded and funded the birth of the institution and after whom the educational institution was named. Christopher was the son of prominent Barbadian and one-time Governor-General of the Leeward Islands, Christopher Codrington II.  As a junior Christopher Codrington, left the Caribbean to travel to England, where he studied at Oxford University before returning to the Leeward Islands (Antigua)  thereafter to succeed his father as Governor-General. He subsequently gave up this position following the mass disapproval of his strict religious policies and returned to Barbados where he would live out his retirement until his eventual death in 1710. It was at that time that he bequeathed £10,000 (£1.2 million in modern figures) to establish the monumental College that exists today. 

It is said that Christopher Codrington was very keen on the College being an environment in which one could easily introspect as much as they could study, as the Codrington College campus is adorned with beautifully landscaped grounds, the features of which are key attractions to visitors and locals alike. For Example, the Chapel features a panelled-vault ceiling and is outfitted with ebony and cordin wooden altar. The main building was intentionally constructed to be reminiscent of the Oxford quadrangle, an additional touch that is a delight to those who appreciate old English ambience.  In addition to magnificent buildings, the campus is also home to a great lily pond teeming with fish and ducks that are fed by visitors and locals. 

Today Codrington functions well as picnic grounds with strategically placed benches to enjoy the panoramic vista of the Atlantic Ocean and to catch the breeze travelling along the coast. In addition to benches, there are picnic tables for larger groups or families to occupy. The playground helps to make Codrington College family-friendly by providing a special treat for the kids. 

Its historic architecture, famed palm tree-lined driveway, and mesmerizing view of the Atlantic ocean invite more than priests-in-training; entire families visit the grounds of Codrington College, whether it be to picnic or feed the ducks in the lily pond. 

Opening hours for those who wish to visit are from (9 a.m to 6 p.m), providing an expansive period for you to bask in the property’s natural and infrastructural grandeur.