Country View Bar and Grill

Market Hill
St. George
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The bar and grill are situated in Market Hill, St George, where it serves an array of loved Bajan dishes. The menu consists of various lip-smacking delicacies that are famous around the island, dishes such as the fried pork chops, curried goat and pudding and souse are crowd favourites. These culinary treats bring visitors back for more, some may even visit religiously on Saturdays for a helping of something specific, like their pudding and souse. The all-consuming aromas drift through the air mixing with the freshness of the country breeze, making your mouth water ever so slightly and your tummy rumble hungrily. Traditional Bajan and Caribbean foods are served at Country View Bar and Grill, many of these require skill and experience especially to produce distinctly flavorful profiles and textures. Perfectly done breadfruit chips, seasoned to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The flavorful and extremely famous curried goat, that practically melts in your mouth are signature dishes at this fine establishment. 

The bar is located in a lovely spot, separated from the business of urban development and the more popular byways that are usually teeming with people. The openness of the property surrounding the bar is refreshing and the view is just the same. The ocean is visible in the distance just beyond the reach of the green landscape, this scene is breathtaking and inviting to wanderers and weary souls. Taking a load off, sitting back and relaxing is reflexive when you settle down for a meal at Country View. The warm atmosphere puts you at ease, with a comfortable and friendly service that makes you feel very much at home. It is always a pleasure to be greeted and served by the lovely staff of Country view Bar and Grill, they go above and beyond to make it the most delightful experience they possibly can. 

Trips to the Country view bar always make you feel like part of a big blended family, strangers meet and become friends over a hearty meal or a few drinks. Sharing laughs and telling stories, having a good time surrounded by the raw beauty of the natural country vegetation. Among all of the attractive sightseeing areas within St George, the Country view bar boasts both spectacular views and a place to commune. A weekend country drive through the winding roads of St George is not complete until you've stopped for a break at Country View Bar and Grill.