Cove Bay / Pico Teneriffe

St. Lucy

Continuing along, be sure not to intrude in the personal space of the animals who have made this sublime location their home. 

You may find that Cove Bay may resemble a coconut plantation, as an entire coconut grove stands boldly on the cliffside of the sea; a truly authentic feature of this area. The exposed, windblown trees situated at Cove Bay bow permanently towards the north-west of the island giving a clear indication of the area's steady wind direction.

The scene at Cove Bay is a combination of rugged yet astounding beauty as you watch the booming surf barrel towards the bay. As you walk across the undulating cliff face it's easy to note the irregularity of the landscape, created by thousands of years of crashing waves. Fresh, brisk winds aid the birds in their gliding plight to reach the thicket of the undergrowth situated closer to the bay.  

Just across the basin, the rock face appears to take on a chalky disposition and is shrouded in large sections of green shrubbery. If you allow your eyes to wander to the top of this cliff-face, there is a rocky peak which stands at an elevation of just over 300 feet called Pico Teneriffe. This coral limestone summit is not an accessible landmark from Cove Bay but it is a grand and extraordinary feature,  that is enjoyed by many who visit this very popular picnic spot. It is a fascinating visual and legend has it that this pinnacle allegedly achieved its name by being the first point of land directly northeast of Spain’s island, Tenerife. 

On very clear days, Cove Bay lends its dramatic beauty to the naked eye, as the entire coastal eastern landscape (presumably as far as the East Point Lighthouse in St. Philip) can be seen and photographed. 

  • Price: n/a 
  • Suited for: Adults and children (children should be supervised at all times)
  • Duration: self-determined
  • Access: Vehicle is required to get to Cove Bay 
  • Activity Level: Easy walking 
  • Surface Level: Combination of uneven terrain, sand, gravel, coral and rocks
  • WearNon-slip, comfortable shoes (e.g. sneakers, flat slippers)
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Light, comfortable clothing
  • Photos: great for photos
  • Important Note: Climbing of the cliff face is not recommended. There are no bathrooms or changing facilities. There is no swimming as you are on the cliffside. Not recommended for wheelchairs due to the undulating terrain.