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Experience extreme outdoor activities on an island paradise

Extreme Adventure

Barbados offers a gorgeous Caribbean location for a range of thrill seeking, heart pounding extreme adventure vacations

Barbados is famed for being a laid back paradise sitting in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. It is also an island packed with opportunities to enjoy the thrill of extreme adventure tours and incredible outdoor activities. The beaches, the sea, the jungles and the mountains combine with the climate to offer the perfect conditions to enjoy extreme sports and activities of virtually every type. The list is virtually endless – while you’re in Barbados you can try scuba diving, water boarding, kiting, parasailing, surfing, paragliding, kayaking, skydiving and bungee jumping and that only just scratches the surface of what’s on offer. Spills thrills, excitement and adventure on land and sea is waiting for anyone brave enough to book themselves on a Barbados adventure excursion.

If you want a stunning view of the island that can’t be found elsewhere, try paragliding through the air in the wake of a speedboat. The underwater wildlife and landscape are never more exciting than when you get up close to them by going scuba diving, or you can enjoy an overview by taking a flight around the coast. If you’ve got a head for heights and a love of speed why not try bungee jumping, or take things even further and go skydiving. Flying to a height of several thousand feet and then simply falling back down to earth is one of the most exciting and amazing ways of enjoying a view of Barbados which you simply won’t access any other way. Whether it’s on the land, up in the air or under the surface of the sea, Barbados is an island where extreme outdoor activities can help to make your vacation unforgettable.


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