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  • Highland – The Best View In Barbados
  • Highland – The Best View In Barbados
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Highland – The Best View In Barbados

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Address Canefield, St. Thomas
Opening Hours Daily, 9am to 3pm
Location St. Thomas
Email [email protected]

A visit worth making, Highland offers spectacular views not seen anywhere else in the island. In a stunning location, it overlooks a beautiful and lush natural valley below which almost seems to ascend to this heavenly point on the island.      

Just beyond this countryside valley you can just make out the mesmerizing blue waters and breaking white caps of the rugged East Coast of Barbados, where the wild untamed Atlantic Ocean seems to kiss the island.  

Enjoy swaying palms, natural foliage and a peaceful setting.    

You can come for a calm, relaxing visit to simply relax and enjoy the view, take advantage of a photo stop unlike anywhere else in the island, enjoy an ice cold beverage and snack from our bar and even take a browse through our onsite gift shop.      

Highland is a spacious and tranquil location and is ideal for special events while offering one of the best views in Barbados. We invite you to share this memorable treasure with us.