Hunte's Gardens

Castle Grant, St. Joseph
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Sunday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
St. Joseph
Distance From Airport:
14.6 Km (9.07 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
11.8 Km (7.33 Miles)
$20 USD / $40 BBD Per Person (Children under 12 - half price). Cash only!
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Once a sugar plantation, the garden, which is now owned by horticulturist Anthony Hunte, is located in the rural parish of St. Joseph, 30 minutes away from the island's most popular spots Holetown and St. Lawrence Gap. A decade ago, the garden was a sinkhole but Mr Hunte skillfully crafted and transformed it, turning it into a masterpiece. The forest is filled with a variety of flowers, trees and foliage along with local birds and green monkeys, who live in this wonderland.

Now known as one of the top garden spots on the island, this magical garden greets you with a large board at the entrance identifying over 84 species and varieties of birds, flowers and plants (such as the purple lily, heliconia and orchids) that you will encounter on your walk around the garden. Much of the flora in the garden can be found all around Barbados, however, there are also species rarely found in parts of the West Indies.

Each area of the garden is divided into mini-gardens, perfectly curated to showcase the variety and versatility of the space. Every nook and cranny is occupied by vivid red, purple, yellow and orange flowers, both with and without petals. Leaves that hang down, leaves that grow upward, heart-shaped leaves, irregularly shaped leaves, light green or dark green leaves - they all emphasize the variety of foliage found in the garden. The palm trees are as high as the sky and hummingbirds sing sweetly, along with the lily pad filled ponds, fountains and statues (many depicting Buddha) add a special touch and perfectly compliment the garden.

Scattered across the location are numerous benches for you to sit down and take in the entire experience of the garden. The benches and sitting areas are situated in private areas so that you can enjoy this tropical oasis in the most peaceful, uninterrupted way possible.

One thing that also makes the trip to Hunte’s Gardens so unique and distinct is Mr Hunte, who welcomes guests with open arms. He encourages visitors of the garden to sit on the veranda of the house and partake of tea, refreshing Mount Gay Rum Punch, coffee or cake. He takes his visitors on a journey, chatting about many topics, from the history and maintenance of the garden to his family and their time spent in Barbados. Mr Hunte has extensive knowledge of flowers and plants and he is always ready and raring to share the wealth of information he possesses.

Hunte’s Gardens lives up to its slogan, being enchanting, majestical and welcoming. The garden in all its glory will bring a sense of peace and joy as you meander through, seeing all that it has to offer.

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