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Discover the jewelry stores in Barbados and glimpse designer jewelry with a Caribbean twist.


Go Caribbean jewelry shopping and treat yourself to some Barbados jewelry with an exquisite local designer look which is all its own.

There’s an old saying which states the ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Pay a visit to Barbados and explore the best jewelry stores and you’ll find that, on this Caribbean island, whatever glitters is likely to be a piece of unique and stunningly crafted jewelry. From beads and coral to exclusive diamonds and high-end gold items, you’ll find something to suit all tastes and every budget. The history of the many jewelry stores in Barbados dates back to the 1960’s and even earlier, to an era when local craftspeople utilized the likes of threaded beads, coconut shells and corals to create necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Take a look at the delicate and delightful items and you’ll see many finely wrought echoes of the local tropical Caribbean flora. Another bonus of shopping for jewelry in Barbados is that diamonds and other precious stones are available at tax free prices which make them highly competitive and extremely tempting.

Just like the fabulous nightlife, the stunning beaches and the delicious food and drink, the shopping in Barbados is world class and offers tourists a taste of something that it uniquely Caribbean. The jewelry you’ll be able to track down runs from simple studs to designer bracelets and diamond necklaces, with an award-winning designer like Ichia TIYI proud to set up shop on the island. Other well-established jewelry outlets include The Royal Shop, Diamonds International, Little Switzerland and Colombian Emeralds International. If you’re looking for something handmade and unique then take a trip to the Pelican Craft Centre on Swan Street, one of the many places offering unique items with a rich Bajan heritage. So, while you’re enjoying Barbados and exploring the sea, forests and mountains, make sure you don’t miss the chance to snap up some fine jewelry or a luxury timepiece at amazing duty-free prices.


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