Little Bay

Little Bay, St Lucy, Barbados
St. Lucy

Little Bay is one of the much-adored attractions in St. Lucy for many because of its incredible views. There is a natural mystic that exists as you absorb the quintessentially undulating sea-carved limestone platforms at Little Bay and as you walk across what can, upon first glance, appear to be an arid, golden, partially weather-beaten cliff top. These sea rock cliff top formations add a prehistoric type of patent to Little Bay and the rolling, boisterous Atlantic Ocean adds even more gusto to this small haven especially as the surf surges through the blowholes that have formed through the coral limestone from the persistent and intense wave action. On a very balmy radiant day, from these cliff tops, you will be able to view the impressive spectacle of the edgy coastal seascape which highlights for miles the northeastern coast of Barbados. 

This mesmerising vista is idyllic for you to capture the pearl, effervescent sea caps that playfully frolic and crash into each other while others race against each other to pound against the coastal crags.

Within the crescent of the bay, thrill-seekers at times decide to fuel their adrenaline as they dip and/or sit in the cooling rolling waters of the naturally formed wading sea rock pools there. The continuous triumphant chorus of the crashing waves on the spectacularly jagged bluffs within eyeshot of these sea rock basins is one that can place you in a state of zen whilst wading. 

Pleasantly fond memories of this sandy lagoon crescent can easily remain with you from the relaxing sounds of the crashing waves to the impeccable array of sea pebbles and exquisitely coloured seashells in some unique formations that would wash ashore in the smaller, curling tide.

  • Suited for: Adults and children (children should be supervised at all times)
  • Duration: self-determined
  • Access: Vehicle is required to get to Little Bay
  • Activity Level: Moderate 
  • Surface Level: Combination of uneven terrain, sand, gravel, rocks

  • Non-slip, comfortable shoes (e.g. swimming shoes or sneakers) if you are walking along the cliffside.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Light, comfortable clothing
  • Photos: Great for photos
  • Important Note: There is no lifeguard. There are no bathrooms or changing facilities. Children must be supervised at all times. Swimming is not advised in the ocean. Swimwear can be worn to wade in the natural sea rock pool. The rocky disposition of the cliff surface does not allow for easy wheelchair movements.