Mayfield Plantation

Mayfield Plantation
St. George
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The Mayfield Plantation & Reception Centre was renovated by Mr and Mrs Glenville Holder, they transformed a simple event location to the perfect venue for the garden wedding that you've been dreaming of. 

Led by a competent team of event managers, the reception centre is a high-quality facility with a roomy reception area making a highly sought after venue for those looking to tie the knot in the serenity of the countryside. The location is home to a stunning view of the parish with lush native trees and stretching pastures rolling outward to meet the azure sky. 

It has been suggested that the real beauty of the location is only revealed at sunset. As the iridescent colours of the light filter through the nearby trees and plants, to create a magical scene. Against that backdrop, it's easy to conclude that this venue may be one step above the rest. 

The facility offers a wide array of first-class services, amenities and packages that can include tables, chairs, tablecloths and a fully stocked and operational bar area run by the centre's staff, all included for your event.  The Reception Centre also offers a fully operational catering service complete with a decadent menu and wait staff. 

For those who want to take the stress out of decorating, the staff at Mayfield Reception Centre is there to help, transforming the area into any theme you desire...from a winter wonderland to Indian inspired, rustic or vintage wedding day, they can provide everything. This includes cutlery, fancy flatware and chic champagne glasses to make the event an evening of magic for everyone there.  

In addition to all this, many couples also come for the garden gazebo, as it's an enchanting stage for wedding photos at that moment they recite their vows and seal their marriage with a kiss. 

After the ceremony, the happy couple can enjoy their first dance on the spacious dance floor or lounge with guests while sipping on any number of cocktails, juices and soft drinks offered at the bar.  At the end of the festivities, the couple can retire to the complimentary room offered for the night and let their life together began in the lap of luxury. There's no better way to end a picture-perfect day. 

Whatever your preferences may be, Mayfield reception centre and their experienced team can bring it to life. 

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