Mullins Beach

Mullins, St. Peter
St. Peter
Distance From Airport:
24.1 Km (14.98 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
14.7 Km (9.13 Miles)

As a continuation of Barbados’s coastline of fantastic beaches on the west, Mullins is, of course, no exception. This beach, just outside of the northern city of Speightstown is perfect for swimmers, families and slower-paced aquatic adventures. Getting to this beach is easy, as it is en route to a number of northern destinations. Private taxis from as far as Bridgetown also make their way there on a daily basis, to transport those who wish to enjoy this utopia.

The clear coloured turquoise water, sweeping length of white sand and coconut trees framing the space make this the ideal tropical dream for those who want to enjoy the sea and the sun. This popular piece of beachfront can often be crowded, so get there early to reserve your spot. Mark it by renting a beach chair and umbrella or spread out your towels in the shade of coconut trees. The trees also shade the bars such as the Sea Shed, who serve international and local cuisines and cold cocktails on their balcony looking out to the sea.

While it is tempting to spend the day lounging on the sand, jumping into these warm waters for a swim is always worthwhile. The waves are calm and this is a treasure trove for swimmers of all capabilities. Not to be missed are the water sports. Above the water, Jet skis and inflatable rides glide back and forth over the water ready to take you for a spin. Below the waves, glass-bottom boats offer a compelling view of the ocean floor, while snorkelling and diving equipment allows swimmers to meet them up close while exploring the reefs. Inflatable icebergs and trampolines for kids float not too far away for all-day climbing and bouncing fun.

An unbeatable day of relaxation and unforgettable experiences is what is on the cards on a visit to this northern gem of a beach, making it well worth the trip up the coast.

 - Jet Ski rides and other watersports are available in the day.
 - No lifeguard on duty.
 - No beach facility.
 - Restaurant.
 - Excellent for casual swimmers. 

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