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On June 25, 2011 Barbados joined an elite group of nations with world heritage properties when Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This inscription is a tremendous feat for a small Caribbean island states. It presented the opportunity to address the obvious geographical imbalance in sites from Latin American and the Caribbean. UNESCO’s commitment to the identification, protection and preservation of the world’s cultural and natural heritage is enshrined in the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972).

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Barbados UNESCO Attractions
Bridgetown is a port town and the capital of Barbados. Its central business district is the national centre serving as the primary focus for major office, parliamentary, and shopping services for the island. The Garrison is one of eight Cultural Heritage Conservation Areas on the island and represents a very distinguished era of military colonial history. Within the precincts of this Site, there are one hundred and fifteen listed buildings. The combination of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison represents a worthy collection of history, colonial and vernacular architecture and good elements of the art and science of town planning.
UNESCO Walking Tours and Tour Guides
UNESCO Walking Tours and Tour Guides
Enjoy an informative guided walking tour of Bridgetown and its Garrison. Choose from a solo guided tour or a small or medium group as your traverse the historical alley ways and byways of the capital ...
Parks and Landmarks
RunParks and Landmarks
Whilst enjoying all the beauty and historical value of the world UNESCO site -  Bridgetown and its Garrison, be sure to check out some historical parks, sites, statues, monuments and interesting ...
Libraries and Museums
Libraries and Museums
If you're looking for a Barbados library, then you're pretty much spoiled for choice. The Barbados UNESCO site offers an array of choices from the National Museum to historic Nidhe Israel ...
Historic Architecture
Historic Architecture
The Barbados world UNESCO site is packed with more stunning historical architectural buildings than anywhere else in the Caribbean. The Garrison, located in the Barbados capital of Bridgetown, is a Un...
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Every corner of Barbados is packed with hardworking and naturally talented craftspeople, busy creating the kind of traditional handmade arts and crafts that you won't be able to resist taking ba...
Culinary Experiences
Culinary Experiences
Memories are made as we gather our loved ones and friends around the table to share a meal. Your Barbados travel experience will include some truly special meal-time moments to treasure forever. You'r...
There are many different shops in Bridgetown. Choose bustling downtown locations such as Broad Street , Pelican Craft Centre, ld Spirit Bond Mall, Cave Shepherd Shopping Centre and Swan Street in the ...
Bridgetown Cruise Terminal
Bridgetown Cruise Terminal
Operated by a private sector joint venture including Barbados Port Inc and officially opened in 1994, the cruise terminal is now home to over 60 businesses.  There is a range of duty free shoppin...

Directions to the Top 30 Barbados UNESCO sites

Please find below a geo location guide for various points of interest in the UNESCO World Heritage site - Bridgetown and Its’ Garrison. We have also included audio guides for select locations to further enhance your experience. Click Here to listen to an introduction to Bridgetown PLAY
  1. Parliament Buildings and Museum
  2. Blackwoods Screw Dock
  3. Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum
  4. Barbados Museum and Historical Society
  5. George Washington House and Museum
  6. St. Mary's Anglican Church
  7. The Cathedral of St. Michael and All Angels
  8. The Barbados Military Cemetery
  9. The Warehouses
  10. Mutual Building
  11. The Old Town Hall
  12. Dolphin Fountain
  13. Montefiore Fountain
  14. Lord Nelson Statue
  15. The Cenotaph
  16. Errol Barrow Statue
  17. Independence Arch
  18. Codd's House Memorial Monument
  19. Grantley Adams Statue
  20. 50th Anniversary Monument
  21. The National Armory
  22. Garrison Clock Tower
  23. Garrison Tunnels
  24. Golden Square
  25. Old Fort and Light House - Hilton Resort
  26. Exchange Museum
  27. Church Village Green and Amphitheatre
  28. St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
  29. Cheapside Market
  30. National Library and Old Law Courts


Take a visual guide and immerce yourself into the heart of our World UNESCO Heritage Site; Bridgetown and its Garrison Barbados. These short videos take you behind the scenes of some of the worlds best kept secrets.
Mercantile Bridgetown - One of the Oldest Cities in the Caribbean
Sacred Bridgetown - A multi-faith melting pot of cultures
Historic Architecture
Carlisle Bay - The First Port of Call on the island
St. Ann's Garrison - Headquarters of the British Army & Navy
1966 & Beyond UNESCO Heritage Site Bridgetown
Landmarks UNESCO Heritage Site Bridgetown
Bridgetown Museums - UNESCO Heritage Site Bridgetown


The history of Bridgetown, from pre-historic Amerindian settlement through British colonization, emancipation, independence and up to present times, is a microcosm of the significant economic, social, and political transformation of Barbados through the centuries.


Archaeological findings at Port St. Charles indicate Amerindian settlement in Barbados reaching back to 1623 BCE. Detailed knowledge of pre-historic settlement in Bridgetown is not known, though excavations have found evidence of occupation within an area bounded by Fontabelle, Spring Garden (West), Suttle Street (North), the Careenage (South), and Graves End (East). All sites are recognized as having direct access to potable spring water. In fact, Bridgetown's central core was originally a swamp that was drained and later filled. Archaeological studies also confirm that the four major Amerindian ceramic cultures were present in Bridgetown.