Orchid World & Tropical Flower Garden

Groves, St. George
St. George
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One such place is The Orchid World and Tropical Flower Garden, located in the heart of St. George’s gorgeous countryside, the magnificently arranged garden is an alluring oasis, with a peaceful radiance that encapsulates the entirety of its six acres. Orchids are often thought of as exotic, delicate and very beautiful flowers, within the orchid world garden these already magnificent entities are transformed into a stunning showcase. Not only does the garden contain orchids but other tropical plants and flowers are present there as well. This garden is landscaped strategically to create the ideal conditions necessary for the various plants to thrive. 

The garden is set on an elevated area of land, giving it a bird’s eye view of the sugarcane fields that are stretched out below. A welcoming atmosphere greets you at the entrance gates leading you into the enchanting space, with pops of vivid colour, the sweet calls of birds and gentle breezes rustling through the leaves. Traversing the gardens winding path is a delightful task, as it is lined with plants planted in the most interestingly decorated pots, adorable little garden ornaments and statues are set out to add a touch of whimsical charm. A variety of palm trees are scattered throughout the property and brightly painted birdhouses are hung in various other types of trees, a welcoming place for the winged creatures to rest. There are several benches, providing comfortable seating for you to pause and relax while taking in the surrounding beauty, they are strategically placed for optimal enjoyment of the amazing views of the garden and the extended scenery. 

It is intriguing to see the different ways in which orchids are cultivated; some orchids are grown in soil, others exist as epiphytes gracefully climbing tree trunks or artfully suspended in the air, freely growing without soil. Some of the orchids are housed in wire lattice houses that protect these delicate flowers from the elements. The extensive array of colours is exciting; orchids with plain white petals and small hints of yellow, shades of orange blending in a subtle ombre, yellow petals sprinkled with speckled brown spots, dynamic shades of purple, pink, red and peach, and other abstract patterns detailing the petals; add textures to the visual aesthetic. A gentle stream of water flows gracefully over a waterfall and into a shallow pool below, cooing out the distinctive burbling that creates a tropical rainforest sound, like the background music to this live show. 

In addition to the flora and fauna, one can enjoy a relaxing beverage on the lovely shaded deck, with its open yet cosy design. A well-stocked gift shop complements the experience by providing an interesting selection of tangible reminders of the garden's splendour. The Orchid World and Tropical Flower Garden are one of the most tranquil and magical places in Barbados, it’s matchless and unforgettable beauty is simply mesmerizing.