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  • Parks and Nature Trails
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The gorgeous parks of Barbados are waiting for you

Parks and Nature Trails

Barbados is a warm, welcoming paradise of natural beauty. See it at its finest when you stroll along lush nature trails, get up close to exotic gardens and enjoy unique Caribbean plant life.

The parks in Barbados don’t simply offer beauty against a stunning natural backdrop, they also provide incredibly rich variety. Visitors can enjoy marine parks, botanical parks and play parks, where they can hike, relax, explore or simply soak up the beauty of nature. The most popular parks in Barbados include Errol Barrow Park, King George V Memorial Park, National Heroes Square, Queen's Park and Welchman Hall Gully. Pay a visit to enjoy attractions such as stunning views, children’s playgrounds and rich tropical flora. Farley Hill Park, St. Peter, is maintained by the Barbados National Conservation Commission and has been designated a national park by the Barbadian government. Take a vacation in Barbados on a public holiday and you’ll be treated to the colorful sight of Caribbean locals packing picnic baskets and heading to the parks to enjoy the beauty of their island paradise.

Alongside the designated parks, Barbados offers some of the best nature trails you’ll find anywhere. Exploring these trails in your own time is far and away the finest way of truly getting to know Barbados – its’ history and heritage as well as the glory of its natural landscapes. The Barbados National Trust maintains the Nature Trail, which is the first fully interactive guided trail on the island. If you’re feeling a little more independent then simply choose from a wide range of hiking trails suitable for all ages. From a relaxing wander through a tropical gully to a demanding hike up the side of a hill, you’re bound to find something which appeals to you. Whether you set off on your own or take a guided tour, exploring the Caribbean on foot combines discovery, adventure and education with the chance to take in stunning views and discover corners of the island away from the standard tourist traps.


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