Pebbles Beach

St. Michael
St. Michael
Distance From Airport:
12.7 Km (7.89 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
2.7 Km (1.68 Miles)

Pebbles Beach  

With white sands and the towering Hilton Hotel as a backdrop, Pebbles Beach is the beach that vacations are made of. Sitting on the southwest coast of Barbados, a mere five-minute drive from the capital city of Bridgetown, this clean-cut beachfront is an excellent choice to experience Barbados’ waters. 

Activity here stirs with the rising sun - each morning the pristine sand looks renewed, almost untouched by man in the wee morning hours - that is until the horses arrive! This beach is the unofficial morning hangout of champion horses and their handlers who take the short walk down from the Historic Garrison (the axis of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Site). These majestic and gentle creatures are seen daily trotting across the beach and entering the cerulean waters as a warm-up to their day.

Horses are not the only ones who find this beach therapeutic as couples and families frequent this location, walking hand in hand and soaking up the early morning view of boats swaying. This beach is ever popular with tourist and locals alike who abandon their belongings and cares on the powdery white sand or under the tropical almond trees to bathe in the cool, calm, refreshing water or stretch out in a beach chairs provided by the beach vendors. The waters here are inhabited with an array of fish, so it is always a great idea to walk with or rent snorkelling gear, as the marine life at Pebbles Beach is accessible very close to shore. While the gently undulating waves here were not made for surfing, some still glide across the water on their stand-up paddleboards to take in the view of the reefs and fish from above. After working up an appetite choose from one of the many beach bars or restaurants for a casual lunch but an egg or fish cutter from the well-reviewed Cuz’s Fish Stand is locally recommended as the official lunch of a day at Pebbles Beach.

With no shortage of sand, activities and food, Pebbles Beach is the perfect sandy playground for all to enjoy.

 - Lifeguard on duty.
 - Beach facilities. 
 - Excellent for snorkelling.
 - Chairs & umbrellas available for rent.

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