Peter Ram

Known for its tropical rhythms the island of Barbados is the home of music and even more music! More specifically the genre of Calypso is enjoyed by islanders especially at Crop Over time when the music fills the air and people let loose as they party non-stop during the festival. The festival is not only open to islanders but many visitors fly in to enjoy the festivities too! Many musicians hit the scene around that time, bringing alive their ideas into melodic songs combined with unique beats. One such musician is Peter Wiggins, better known as ‘Peter Ram.’ For years he has been a consistent force in the Barbadian music industry, creating many hits that are enjoyed by local audiences and those abroad as well.

He is known for his sometimes contentious lyrics as he seems to enjoy rustling the feathers of the powers that be, in any case, ruffling feathers via calypso music is an art form on the island, a  mechanism practised by most singers. Throughout the years he has graced audiences with flashy stage performances equipped with pyrotechnic displays designed to captivate crowds, which is a blend that never fails. This is all part of his charm, great music equipped with catchy lyrics and beats combined with an awesome stage presence.

It was during the eighties that he first made his debut. Though at that time he was not a singer but a DJ. He started to make a name for himself playing at various locations and venues with his cousin who was also a DJ at the time ‘Lil Rick.’ Together they moved through the island sharing music and their mic skills, creating a following. After a while, Peter decided that he should give writing music a try, he realized that he was quite capable and in fact found that he had a talent for it. That is when he knew that he could be a successful musician and not only a DJ. From that day onward, that is exactly what he was, a musician!

In true Barbadian style, his song ‘Rats’ was about a social issue, therefore it had a strong impact on the audience as they could relate directly to what he was singing about. The song was so effective it placed him in the finals of the 2001 Party Monarch Competition. He was becoming a mover and a shaker within the music community. Though he wrote music successfully for himself, he branched out and began writing for fellow musicians as well. Many artists leaned on his creative genius, some as famous as the ‘Queen of Calypso’ herself Alison Hinds! He also worked collaboratively with many artists, creating compositions that were completely exceptional and well-balanced.

In 2003 his release of “The Pledge” was his biggest hit. It was a song based on the colours of the Barbadian flag and promoted national pride. The song had been etched in the minds of many Barbadians and has become somewhat of a folk song. It can be heard every November during the time of Barbados Independence, this shows the impact that the song had, it still impacts generations of Barbadians today. The blue, yellow, and black for the flag can be heard from the mouths of school children as they bellow the lyrics during Independence Day celebrations. Not only did it positively impact society, but it was also so recognized for its positivity that he was awarded the Nation Builder Award in that same year!

He has created and performed many other songs which propelled him to international fame. Songs like ‘I Need a Woman by my Side,’ have done well outside of the island, even gracing the music charts in Canada and the United States. His music is unmatched and his experience within the music industry has only served to make his music better.

Peter ‘Ram’ Wiggins is an artist that strives not only to create music for himself and the enjoyment and pride of his island but he strives to also make music that is enjoyable by all, in all countries around the world.