Sahara Arabic Grill & Falafel

Bayside Plaza, Bay Street, St. Michael
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 11:30- 19:30pm Saturday: 11:30 - 16:30
St. Michael
Distance From Airport:
12.5 Km (7.77 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
2.7 Km (1.68 Miles)
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It's not fast food, it's too good to be, so don't expect to be served quickly. Sahara Arabic Grill Falafel brings the most mouth-watering flavours of the Middle East to you from a tiny place, located on the outskirts of Bridgetown. It might be best to pre-order, but if you can't, or if you just happen upon this hole-in-the-wall gem, you won't be disappointed once you take your first bite of ANYTHING ordered from the menu. Everything's prepared on the spot and everything's worth the wait!