Sandy Crest Medical Center

Opening Hours:
St. James

We warmly welcomed our first patient on August 5th 2006. Over six years ago the founders of the clinic appreciated that there was the pressing need for an urgent care facility in the north-western part of the island, which could serve Barbadians and visitors who needed medical attention.

It was on October 12th 2003 that Sandy Crest was first conceptualized. On that date Dr. Malcolm Grant was informed by one of his patients that BS&T was selling a building on the West Coast of Barbados. Dr. Grant believed that this would have been an excellent location for an all-encompassing medical facility. After the concept was endorsed by his wife Carole-Anne he approached his long-time friend Dr. Brian Charles (Consultant Emergency and Dive Physician). These three primary directors then systematically and methodically compiled a team have formed the nidus for the project.

Bearing in mind that the Clinic was to have a unique function, the founders decided that there should be some guiding philosophies that should underpin the design of the facility: (a) that the patient should be at the centre of the design with a practical physical lay out (b) that the clinic should attract well qualified and patient-friendly staff and the best available practitioners of the science of emergency medicine (c) that Barbadians – all sons of the earth should be able to access the facility and enjoy its services and (d) that high quality modern finishes should be utilized supplemented with a warm and inviting décor.

Our name Sandy Crest represents a hybridization of Sandy Lane and Sunset Crest. Sandy Crest prides itself on the fact that we offer a five star service at an affordable price to everyone. It is a facility that every Barbadian can be proud of. In retrospect, the directors can be proud of their achievements. “We have a great team in place that has worked very hard to bring this to this point. Every little detail was taken into consideration”, said director Dr. Brian Charles.