Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands Beach, Christ Church
Christ Church
Distance From Airport:
3.6 Km (2.24 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
12.5 Km (7.77 Miles)

At the southernmost point tip of Christ Church sits the South Point Lighthouse and just a stone’s throw away, the Silver Sands Beach to the South East. This lively beach draws in the cool crowds with its pounding surf and Insta-worthy dunes who descend on this quarter-mile stretch of white - yes almost silver – sand.  Roughly a fifteen-minute drive from the popular Oistins Bay Gardens, the beach here is sometimes a little tricky to find but friendly locals are sure to help you along the way. This beautiful stretch of beach, adjoins a nearby play park and accommodation can also be found in the immediate area.  Silver Sands feels very nicely secluded, almost cut off from the real world, but though this is the feeling one may get, the area offers everything needed for a day at the beach - all within walking distance - from changing facilities, equipment rentals and little shops selling local delicacies, namely the well know Chicken Rita’s or London Bar.

This beach was made for relaxing the day away and persons do so right across the sand. There are no beach chair vendors here, contrary to what can be found at other popular south and west coast beaches but visitors make do with their brightly coloured towels. Not being able to resist, some venture into the azure water, though the undercurrents here make it a bit precarious for those who are not strong swimmers.

The currents and the strong gustily winds though are what makes this spot popular among wind and kite surfers. Aficionados, both locally and internationally descend on this beach in droves, especially in the months of December and January to enjoy the “winter waves”. Those on the shore watch in awe at the stunning feats pulled off by the wave riders, especially the windsurfers whose flips and brightly coloured kites are absolutely breathtaking.

This beach, located in the south is the epitome of “chill” and just might be one of the best surfing spots in Barbados if not the world.

 - No beach facility 
 - No lifeguard on duty.
 - Not recommended for casual swimmin.
 - Equipment rentals available. 

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