South Point Light House

Atlantic Shore
Christ Church
Distance From Airport:
5 Km (3.11 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
11.2 Km (6.96 Miles)

One of four remaining lighthouses on the island including Harrison Point in St. Lucy, East Point in St. Philip and Needham's Point in Carlisle Bay, this structure shares a similar heritage as its counterparts but with some unique features.

South Point, the first lighthouse on the island,  was designed by a Scottish engineer, Alexander Gordon and showcased in London’s Great Exhibition in 1851. In the following year, it was shipped to Barbados in parts where it was reassembled in the spot where it still stands today. 

Becoming fully operational in April of that year, it was used to guide ships and boats onto the island at night. But today much like the others, it is no longer functional as technology has made it obsolete. The tower's feature characteristics were its white light that flickered three times every 30 seconds and could be seen up to 18 miles away.

This cylindrical structure perched on top of a small grassy hill was created entirely of cast iron, making it the last one of its kind existing in the world with only three ever having this treatment. Its tower has a magnificent wrap-around gallery and climbs to a soaring 89 feet in the air,  making it the second tallest lighthouse in the country next to Harrison Point. While looking at it one can't help but think that it's a massive candy cane, with its thick, ruby red and white painted horizontal stripes. This along with its size makes it easily distinguished from many parts of the south coast. 


Fun Fact: If you look at the reverse of Barbados' 5 cent coin you will see South Point Lighthouse there. It's been carved into each coin since 1973.

After its final use many years ago, this lighthouse was restored to its former glory between 2004 and 2011. Today, it is a captivating monument paying homage to the island's seafaring heritage. Much like its counterparts, the tower isn't open to the public but the grounds are, which allows anyone to get an up-close look. 

It stands alongside a scenic view of the unblemished Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal place for vacation photos. Visitors can watch as the waves ebb and flow onto the rocks and see the splashes of white sea foam fly into the air. 

The area is minutes away from one of Barbados' main towns Oistins, where locals and tourists alike can experience everything in this historic fishing village. Watch as vendors scale tropical fish fresh off the boat at the Oistins Fish Market. Or sink your teeth into scrumptious cuisines at the bounty of food stalls lining the area both are worth checking out on your next visit.