St. Lawrence Gap

St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Christ Church

In The Gap, along with the pulsating rhythms of the various clubs, you will also find street vendors barbequing delicious bites into the wee hours of the morning but Mexican, Indian, Seafood, Tapas bars and beachfront dining are also a step away. 

The laughter and chatter of party-goers fill the air as you stroll through deciding, (or after you have decided), which spot to visit. Not only is The Gap nightlife central, but with the wide variety of hotels available, you can stay and play in the same vicinity. Here you can choose from bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, inns, resorts and hotels - from luxury stays to budget hotels, you will find something to fit your style and your budget. 

If you are one to require respite during your holiday, you need not worry. Though St. Lawrence Gap is synonymous with nightlife, the entire area is not a continuous 24 hr hive of activity. There is some separation between rest and revelry. On the western side of St Lawrence, you will find the action. This is the area where the majority of bars and clubs reside along with some of The Gap’s hotels. The eastern end, on the other hand, much like the eastern side of the island,  is the quieter of the two. This section is lined mostly with accommodations, intertwined with residential homes and a few businesses. The area where the two halves meet is divided by a playing field, where you might catch a game of local cricket or football match. The Gap is also home to one of the islands most popular beaches; Dover Beach - A picturesque location with cool clear turquoise waters, white sand and a wide variety of watersports. 

There are many benefits to staying in this area - the most obvious is the ease of access. Everything that you might need, no matter your preferences, Be it religion, relaxation, refreshments or roistering, you can find it all within walking distance. If you opt to venture further afield, though, a taxi is always nearby and readily available and the bus route is only a short walk away. A 15-minute ride will get you to the capital, Bridgetown, where you can explore more of the island, visit the museum of Parliament or the wax museum, spend the afternoon shopping, take a walking tour or sample a wide array of traditional island flavours.