The Village of Bathsheba

St. Joseph

Coconut trees line the bay that attracts many surfers as they ride the tumultuous waves fearlessly. If you are a great swimmer or surfer, you may want to check this beach out.  But the beach also attracts fishermen and courageous sea bathers. For those of us who are on the timid side, sitting on the sidelines, in a rental chair under a palm tree may be preferable.

Shops and bars and beautiful green spaces can be found along this popular strip where locals gather to socialize. Visitors are most welcome to join in on the revelry, enjoy a local beer or two and maybe even dine on a delicious ‘Bajan Cutter’!

The beach is accessible via two roads which inevitably link together. It is relatively easy to get there by bus as it is on the bus route, so if you are unsure about driving there, you don’t have to worry, just hop onto the bus.

The unrestrained surfs at Bathsheba are home to the famous Soup Bowl and the Soup Bowl Wave. 15ft waves can boast enviable curves that allow for many fancy manoeuvres (Alley-oops, Bottom turns, Cutbacks and Foam Climbs) from surfers. Many wave riders plan surfing vacations and attend surfing competitions around the time that the wave is at its highest point, in the winter season. Famous surfers like Kelly Slater have attended such competitions to surf the waters at Bathsheba, attracting large groups of spectators or spontaneously creating beach parties.

Apart from Surfing, though many come to participate in water sports, many others just enjoy the relaxing scene...The sound of crashing waves can be one of the most soothing sounds one can hear as the tide rolls in and out.

Horseback riding is also another activity that is popular along this stretch of beach. Horses can be secured from local owners and guides are assigned to assist riders on their way along the scenic route. Horseback riding is a crowd favourite for visitors and they are frequently seen riding along the shore wearing the happiest of expressions.

While mixing with locals in the shops is fun, for a unique experience, some visitors love to engage with the beach folk. This offers them an authentic experience, one that can only be had by interacting with the people. Imagine being a part of a ‘breadfruit roasting’ expedition! This is all possible because locals live in and around Bathsheba, though it is a tourist attraction, it is also the home to many Bajans and it is a thriving community, which greets visitors with open arms.

The coastline of Bathsheba beach is truly unequalled by any other. It offers both tranquillity, astounding beauty and adventure where else can you find and deliver all these things at once? The natural beauty of the landscape makes it an unforgettable place to visit when in Barbados.